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Stefanie Mohsennia


I …

* have been involved with home education since about 2002

* am the author of „Schulfrei : Lernen ohne Grenzen

* am the editor of “Wir sind so frei : Freilerner-Familien stellen sich vor

* organised local home ed meetings in Northrhine-Westfalia for several years before starting a nomad life-style

* have taken part in home ed meetings in 12 different countries over the years

* have been a member of the BVNL for many years and am a founding member of the Freilerner-Solidargemeinschaft

* give talks about natural learning

* teach the Alexander Technique

* am very far from done with learning myself, right now training to be a trainer for Alexander Technique teachers

* have maintained the website www.unschooling.de from 2004 to 2015

* have now developed the “schulfrei-community” together with my son.


Julian Mohsennia


I …

* am 19 years old.

* went to school for three years.

* have been an activist for freedom of education since the end of 2014.

* have unschooled legally in Canada for two years.

* am in the organizing team of the Schulfrei-Festival.

* am a board member of the youth group “Septré“, which is dedicated to freedom of education in Germany.

* developed the schulfrei-community with my mother, teaching myself everything I needed to do so.

* am self-employed as a web-developer. Mohsennia-Webentwicklung


Freddy Drewes

*coming soon*


Matthias Kern

*coming soon*



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