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The purpose and spirit of this community

The “schulfrei-community” is created and maintained by home educators for home educators. We have experienced being part of a community as very beneficial in our own families. As this is still a rather unconventional, unusual – and thus at times lonesome – educational pathway to take, it can be empowering to connect with other home educating families.

We would like the “schulfrei-community” to be a place where everyone can share their wealth of knowledge and experience and their enthusiasm with others and we can all grow according to our own individual needs. The “schulfrei-community” is the place to come to in order to celebrate your successes and failures, express your doubts, seek advice to get through rough patches and find inspiration.

“Every child comes to this planet with a special gift that is unique to them.” (Robert Kiyosaki) – may the support and the appreciation that we might be able to give each other in this community help more children and adults discover their special gift and realize their potential!


P.S. We do not know all our member families personally and thus cannot vouch for every single person. We consider self-responsibility an essential element of home education – assuming the responsibility for your own education and your own life. Please exert this same responsiblity as a user of this platform and reveal as much or as little information about yourself and your family as you feel comfortable with. We appreciate your being respectful in your encounters and mindful in your interactions with other members of this community.

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“We meet” – Conferences and Gatherings throughout Europe

On the “We meet” page, we collect information about all the home ed conferences and gatherings throughout Europe that we are aware of. This list is also visible for non-members.

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